The SJMC was organized on May 25, 1954 to encourage and develop the spiritual, athletic, recreational and social interests of the men and grammar school age children of St. Josephs parish.

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Welcome to, the website for the St. Joseph's Men's Club ("SJMC").

You must register through our online system in order to sign up your children for sports programs.  Paper registrations will no longer be accepted.  In order to register yourself, and your children, as applicable, click the "Register Online" button to the left of your screen and you will be prompted through the registration process. Please note that, at initial set-up, you will be required to input your e-mail only and a temporary password will be assigned; once the password has been sent to your e-mail address, you can re-enter the site, enter the assigned password and continue the registration process.  In the course of completing your profile, you will be able to personalize the password as you see fit.

Please remember that, prior to being able to register for any programs or events, you must first create a personal / family profile (i.e., emergency contacts, material information regarding eligible children, etc.), which will provide the SJMC with necessary registration information as well as expedite the registration process going forward.  You will only be asked to create the profile once.

You can complete several registrations (i.e., SJMC registration and multiple child sports registrations) at one sitting, with just one credit card transaction. However, please remember that (i) you must be registered as a SJMC Member in order to register your children for SJMC sports programs or events, and (ii) EACH child must be registered individually.  Therefore, before "checking out" on-line, you will see that the system prompts you to "register another individual."

In order to pay for more than one membership/registration at a time, though, you will have to fully complete the personal / family profile and registration information for each eligible child, grade by grade, before attempting to make payment.

One of the first steps you should take is to scroll down the entire list of registration offerings to insure that you chose the correct program for your child.  Please note that team registrations are organized by grade.  For example, let's say your daughter is in Grade 3.  As you go through the 3rd Grade Girls' registration process, you will come to a family history box that has a button next to your daughter's name ... it should say "register" ... you would click that button to proceed with her registration.  Note that at the same time, the button next to your son's name (let's say he's in Grade 6) will say "ineligible" because you are in the 3rd Grade Girls' registration offer. Just complete your daughter's registration to the point where the system offers you the choice of making a final credit card purchase or "register another child."  After clicking the latter choice, you go back and repeat the same "steps" that you did for your daughter, but this time for your son in the 6th Grade Boys' registration offer. At the end of that process you will have the choice of paying for both your son and daughter together or adding another child.
To register online you will need:
- your credit card
- a list of all the e-mail addresses that are used in connection with your child's sports schedule.

General Tips:
Here are some additional tips to help the registration process:
  1. Please be sure to include all of the e-mail addresses connected with your child's sports scheduling (e.g., both parents, grandparents if they are in your sports loop, etc.). This will facilitate better communication and save you the aggravation of adding any e-mails that weren't included at registration.
  2. It is important to fully register, which means going all the way through the checkout and final payment steps, before assuming you are done. Your child is fully registered when you have completed your online registration questions/data input and paid the registration fee, after which you will receive a confirmatory e-mail communication.
* General Information -- the vertical tabs on the left of your screen can also be helpful in learning about the Program; for instance, the Mission Statement and other informational materials can be accessed under the "SJMC Documentation" tab.

* Feedback -- please remember that your comments and suggestions are always welcome and are transmitted through our Feedback feature (left column tab). Most of the questions and comments that we receive are routine, but you are welcome to direct messages directly to the board or a specific coach simply by indicating that you wish to do so in your text.  You can also contact a SJMC member directly through the "Contact" tab on the left side of your screen