The SJMC was organized on May 25, 1954 to encourage and develop the spiritual, athletic, recreational and social interests of the men and grammar school age children of St. Josephs parish.

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When I try to start the registration process, it asks me for a password but I don't have one, do I?

Please note that, at initial set-up, you will be asked to input your e-mail only and request a temporary password; that password will be sent to your e-mail address to confirm the start of the set-up process.  Once the initial password has been received , you can re-enter the site, input your assigned password, and get started.  In the process of creating your personal/family profile, you can personalize your password as you see fit.

Why do I have to enter all this information at the start?

At initial registration, you are not simply signing up for a membership or team, but are also creating your personal / family profile which allows the system to memorialize material information (e.g., emergency contacts, contact information, etc.) regarding your family, which will expedite the total registration process.  If you include information regarding each child eligible for a Program offering during this profile set-up, the actual "sign-up" process will be simplified as you move forward.  Once your profile is complete, return to the registration offerings at "Register Online" and select the gender/age appropriate team(s) for your child(ren).

I registered my daughter, but now cannot register my son?  Why not?

Multiple registrations are easy in this system but you must remember that there is a separate registration offer and matching registration process for each child being registered.

For example, your son cannot register for the girls' team, so the system tags him as "ineligible" for that specific registration offer.  After you have entered all the applicable information regarding your eligible children during the "profile" process, each subsequent team registration will prompt you to select the child to which it applies, identifying your "eligible" children with a green check mark and those children that are ineligible (because of gender or age restirctions) with a red circle with a slash through it.

You can do your family registrations all in one sitting, and you should, as it will add up to one online credit card transaction at the end of the process; however, you have to start with one child, complete the entire profile and then move on to your other children, grade by grade. Once you've completed the first, the system will prompt you to make the final credit card payment or "add another child".   For each additional child, you will click on the "add another child" and repeat the same process that you did for your first child, but in the gender/age appropriate offering for that child.

I registered online, or at least think I did.  How do I check my account?  Can I add a child then?

Click on "Edit My Account" on the vertical menu along the left side of the home page and you will see the current status of your account.  You will be able to modify the information on your account, including adding another child or guardian.