The SJMC was organized on May 25, 1954 to encourage and develop the spiritual, athletic, recreational and social interests of the men and grammar school age children of St. Josephs parish.

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2022-2023 Kick Off Memo

St. Joseph's Men's Club Members and Prospective Members,

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce the St. Joseph's Men's Club to those of you who don't know us, and to give all parents an idea of some of our early events which may be of interest.

Who We Are and What We Do

For over 60 years, the St. Joseph's Men's Club (the "SJMC") has offered a varied and extensive schedule of programs and events to the St. Joseph's community, continually striving to realize its mission — that is, to "foster, encourage and develop the spiritual, athletic, recreational and social interests of the members and grammar school aged children of the Parish." During the past school year, the membership of the SJMC (over three hundred strong) worked harder than ever to cultivate this mission and further expand the offerings that make the SJMC such an active, vital Parish Ministry.

Hundreds of Parish children participated in SJMC sponsored activities over the years, such as the interscholastic basketball, track, baseball and softball teams, the tennis clinics, the Pee Wee basketball program, and the special events such as the annual Turkey Bowl (introduction of the children's basketball teams to the Parish), Breakfast with Santa, the SJMC Parent-Child Breakfast, and our Sports Awards Brunch. Additionally, the SJMC caters to the interests of the Parish adults, sponsoring both men's and women's intramural basketball programs, the annual Parish Christmas Party, the traditional St. Patrick's Day Party, the Holy Thursday Prayer Vigil, the annual Fishing Trip and a myriad of other opportunities.
The SJMC also has historically donated monies to many worthy charitable endeavors on behalf of the organization and the children of St. Joseph's Parish, and has undertaken a number of physical plant upgrades/repairs to the Parish Center facilities. We also were able to make contributions to the events sponsored by the many worthy Parish ministries. 
For further information regarding the Men's Club and its activities, or for an opportunity to register, visit the SJMC website at

Children's Basketball Registration (ONLINE)

If your child is interested in participating in the St. Joseph's basketball programs this year, you must register and pay for your SJMC membership and the appropriate children's basketball programs online at (REQUIRED). Paper registrations are not accepted. The 2022-2023 CYO Basketball Season registrations will open on Wednesday, September 7th at 8:00 p.m. for our girls’ programs, and Thursday, September 8th at 8:00 p.m. for our boys’ programs. Additionally, we will share more info on our Pee Wee Hoops clinics (children in grades K-2nd) once that programs start date is confirmed. The Pee Wee program typically begins in January..

The annual sports' fee is $150 per child in order to offset the costs of the basketball program. That is, each family with a participating child will be responsible for the annual $50 family registration fee for the SJMC (see above), plus a sports' fee of $150 per participating child. Please note, however, that the registration fee for our Pee Wee Hoops clinics for children in grades K-2nd is $35 per participant.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Unfortunately, due to extremely high turnout and limited resources (e.g., gym time, coaches, etc.), and in order to insure that the basketball program remains enjoyable for all its registered participants, registration for that program will be on a first come, first serve basis. That is, once any team or grade has reached its maximum capacity, regardless of whether that occurs before, on or after registration deadline, any additional children attempting to register at that level will be "waitlisted" until a determination has been made as to the viability of fielding an additional team in that grade; in that event, the site will offer "Join Waitlist" rather than "Begin Registration" for that offering. There can be no guarantee that a waitlisted child will be able to be placed in the program.

For those who are not familiar with the SJMC basketball program, the program is open to children of SJMC members who are parishioners of St. Joseph's Church, and who attend St. Joseph's School (or other qualified Catholic grammar school) or St. Joseph's CCD program. Interscholastic play is available to children in grades 3-8, while children in Grades K through 2 may participate in our in-house Pee Wee Basketball Clinics scheduled to start up in January 2022.

Each team in grades 3-8 will engage in a 12-game schedule in the appropriate CYO league, and certain competitive teams may participate in a second league schedule.  (Please note that families of players who are members of our competitive teams may be asked to pay an extra fee to help offset the costs of a second league schedule).  The CYO (3rd-8th Grade) season starts mid-November and runs through mid-February.  Playoffs and post-season tournaments, if applicable, can extend into the beginning of March.  The 12 games of the regular season usually are played on the weekends, either a Saturday or a Sunday, sometimes both days.

Please note that we expect to conduct evaluations of the children prior to their placement, after which we form interscholastic teams .  All teams can probably expect practices once or twice a week in the gym, (until the CYO season starts, after which practices on the weekends are eliminated due to the necessity to schedule CYO games).

Also, a plea for help: the Men's Club is always looking for willing volunteers to coach/assist with a team, work the snack bar, gate, clock and/or scorebook during its events, so please contact us if you, or a member of your family, are able to lend a hand.

Please feel free to forward this letter to any other parishioners who might be interested in having a child participate in the basketball program, but please note that the programs are only available to children of parishioners and SJMC members who attend St. Joseph's, another Catholic grammar school or St. Joseph's CCD program, so memberships will need to be initiated or renewed (as set forth above) if children are interested in participating.

Making a Difference

Lastly, please let us reiterate that the SJMC is able to function effectively from year to year only as a result of the contributions of members and coaches who selflessly volunteer considerable time and effort each and every year. These contributions enable us to run our many programs and events for the benefit of the children and adults of the St. Joseph Parish community.  Equally as important, the Men's Club is blessed to have loyal members, friends and sponsors who lend their generous encouragement and financial support to not only all of our programs and events, but to the many other needs of the Parish, as well. We are deeply grateful to our members, coaches, friends and sponsors for all they have done for us in the past, and look forward to your continuing support in the years to come. If you are interested in "making a difference," whether it's an idea for a program or event, or if you or a friend would like to get more involved in the Men's Club, please let us know. You can contact a member of our Executive Board, send an e-mail to our website or send us a note by mail to St. Joseph's Men's Club, P.O. Box 428, Bronxville, NY 10708. However you see fit, we'd love to hear from you.

St. Joseph's Men's Club Board for 2022-2023

The following gentlemen will be more than happy to answer any questions, or discuss any salient topics, in connection with the Men's Club and its many events:
Name / Office / Contact Information 
Mike VanDeLoo / Executive Vice President / (914) 980-8724 
Joe Spillane / Executive Vice President / (914) 346-8001 []
Emmet Conlon / Treasurer / (917) 364-8562 []
Brian Duffell / Sports VP / (646) 391-3513 []
Bill Carney / Asst. Sports VP / (914) 793-8187 []